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ACT Meeting Prince of Wales Saturday 4pm

Anti Corruption Taskforce ACT Next Meeting Prince of Wales Hotel Athlone  Saturday September 10th 4pm to 6pm bring a friend! Have you, your family your friends been the victim of corruption and injustice? Have your family or your friends been

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Corrupt Denis O Donavan solicitor Cathaoirleach Bantry Co Cork

This is Denis O Donavan who is a solicitor and has his office in Bantry Co. Cork right beside Bantry Garda Station and just across the square from Bantry court house. He has also some interest in Schul Co. Cork

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How many times have you despondently used the term “one law for them and another law for the rest of us”? Those of us who are awake in Ireland are sick to the teeth of watching justice being subverted by

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CrookedLawyers – John Gill on his controversial conversation with State Solicitor Seamus Hughes

CrookedLawyers – John Gill on his controversial conversation with Mayo State Solicitor Seamus Hughes, the new proposals to abolish the office of the Taxing Master, and the new global coalition Transparency International. There is a growing fear among Solicitors and

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ACT – Anti Corruption Taskforce
is primarily an ACTION GROUP. Which means we take ACTION against those corrupt and untouchable individuals and state bodies in our society who deliberately and consciously destroy the lives of so many ordinary people through their wrongdoing, criminality and subsequent cover ups. Follow Us on Facebook. Twitter.