Judge secures injunction stopping group picketing home


Judge secures injunction stopping group picketing home

‘Anti Corruption Taskforce’ leader threatens to do ‘whatever it takes to bring these people down’

A district judge and his wife have secured temporary injunctions preventing two members of a group calling itself the “Anti Corruption Taskforce” placing a picket on their home or the woman’s business.

District judge James Faughnan and his wife Mary McMahon sought the orders after the group posted on Facebook it was organising a protest outside the business premises of Ms McMahon, an optician, on Saturday October 22nd over what one of the group’s members said was a recent decision of Mr Faughnan to jail a man for a public order offence.

The injunctions were granted against Joe Doocey, Knocksbarrett, Ballina, Co Mayo, and Colm Granahan, Castlereagh, Killala, Co Mayo, and restrain both men, and any others with knowledge of the order, from interfering with the couple, their children or employees.

Mr Faughnan was appointed to the bench in 2013, having practised as a solicitor in Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim, and was designated to the Roscommon/East Galway District Court area last July.

In an affidavit, he said, while sitting in Tuam District Court on September 13th, one of the sentencing matters caused certain parties in court to become somewhat irritated. On leaving the courthouse, he noticed a gathering of people videoing his car registration but paid no heed.

Subsequently, gardaí advised him of a Youtube video “Rogue judge sends innocent man to jail” in which Mr Doocey referred to the public order case in which a man was jailed for three months and alleged all district judges were Nazis.

Mr Doocey had said “remember what happened to Hitler” and that the Anti Corruption Taskforce would be “outside Jimmy Faughnan’s house or his wife’s business, whatever it takes to bring these people down . . .”.

Mr Doocey also claims in the video he has been harassed by gardaí over seven years and refers to ”a war crime committed by a judge who is supposed to protect the people”.

‘Peaceful assembly’

A statement published by Mr Doocey on the internet for another group, “Integrity Ireland”, again warns the judge, referring to him as “Jimmy boy”, the group will be outside his home, his wife’s business and their children’s school for “peaceful assembly and dissemination of factual information on your corrupt practices”.

The couple have four children, all under 10.

In the Facebook posting, people are invited to join the October 22nd protest outside Ms McMahon’s business in Carrick-on-Shannon. It says the protest would also visit the family home and, if time allowed, also go to the home of another district judge, Kevin Kilrane.

The group also posted a video of another protest it held outside the home of another district judge, Seamus Hughes, at which Mr Doocey is seen with a loudspeaker saying ”it’s time we took the law into our own hands.”

Mr Faughnan said he believed the statements were incendiary and not made for any lawful purpose but to intimidate and frighten himself, his wife, their children and his wife’s employees. The statements also increased his apprehension of injury to himself, his family and his wife’s employees and customers as well as to his reputation as a member of the judiciary.

In an affidavit, Ms McMahon says she was gravely distressed and worried about how such actions may impact on the general wellbeing of her children, employees, customers and how they may affect her personally and her business reputation.

Mr Justice Paul Gilligan in the High Court granted Conor Bowman SC, for the couple, the injunctions and returned the matter to next week. Further reliefs requiring the internet material be taken down with no further publication will be dealt with later.

end of http://www.irishtimes.com/news/crime-and-law/courts/high-court/judge-secures-injunction-stopping-group-picketing-home-1.2830481#.WAFpMSyMIVk.facebook


JUDGE JAMES FAUGHNAN – CORRUPT DISTRICT COURT JUDGE: This corrupt Fine Gael member, who was appointed to be a Judge by disgraced and sacked ex Justice Minister Alan Shatter in 2013, is a co-director of his wife’s business in Carrick On Shannon by the name of’ ‘Mary McMahon Opticians’.

ACT Anti Corruption Taskforce will assemble outside these business premises at 2pm on Saturday 22nd October 2016 to inform the people of Carrick On Shannon just exaclty what kind of person their local pillar of the community really is like.

This is the North West of Ireland folks. The one small area of the planet which gave birth to the word ‘BOYCOTT’. This word entered the English dictionary because in 1880, news travelled across the entire British Empire that a retired British Army Officer turned land agent by the name of Captain Charles Boycott, had the whole community in Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo turn against him and his family because of his ruthless treatment of local small tenant farmers. Boycott was shunned by the local community and neither he or his family could get served in any of the shops in the area or indeed further afield when news of his ruthlessness travelled across the whole North West of Ireland.

ACT Anti Corruption Taskforce intend to help repeat Irish history on Saturday 22nd October by asking the good people of the North West of Ireland to BOYCOTT the business called ‘Mary McMahon Opticians’ due to the fact that a corrupt judge, James Faughnan is a director.

On 13th September last, in Tuam District Court, Judge James Faughnan acted illegally, corruptly and unconstitutionally. He jailed Pat McDonagh for 3 months on a previous public order charge when in reality it was Mr. McDonagh who had been assaulted by Gardai inside the court room for merely asking a question of a different presiding judge at the time. On that date on 13th September, Judge Faughnan ordered the Gardai to search Pat McDonagh’s supporters for mobile phones and not to let them out of the courtroom without being searched.

This is the reality of our justice system today, where Judges, Lawyers and Gardai are a law on to themselves and the rest of us minions must humbly take our punishment, whether we are guilty or not.

ACT Anti Corruption Taskforce has now called for an END to this and we intend fighting this state criminality to the bitter end without fear or favour and without ANY respect or consideration for the corrupt elites who are destroying the spirit of our nation and our people.

So please join with us at 2pm on Saturday 22nd October 2016 outisde the premises of Mary McMahon Opticians, Landmark Court, Carrick On Shannon, County Leitrim and together let us put an end to Judicial corruption and criminality.

The following are departure times: Dublin Connolly 11.05am; Maynooth 11.35am; Kilcock 11.40am; Enfield 11.50am; Mullingar 12.15pm; Edgeworthstown 12.35pm; Longford 12.45pm; Dromod 1.00pm. Arrive Carrick On Shannon 1.15pm.

The following are departure times: Sligo 1.00pm; Collooney 1.09pm; Ballymoate 1.18pm; Boyle 1.33pm. Arrive Carrick On Shannon at 1.45pm.

The Sligo/Dublin train service is a very regular service but please check with your local train station or Irish Rail HQ to verify timetables.



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is primarily an ACTION GROUP. Which means we take ACTION against those corrupt and untouchable individuals and state bodies in our society who deliberately and consciously destroy the lives of so many ordinary people through their wrongdoing, criminality and subsequent cover ups. Follow Us on Facebook. Twitter.
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