No Amount of Bars will STOP Anna Harvey


On September 14th , …….. this Wednesday I will be up again in Blanchardstown Court for asking Paul Oates why was he breaking the law I was sent to prison for 3 weeks ! because I would not sign the bond as I had done nothing wrong but the Judge sent me to prison through blackmail I was wrongfully arrested and falsely imprisoned and I got out by lay litigation they were supposed to fight with common law and there was no such thing so I had to sack them and get someone who said they would fight against the Judges we will see …..The case is up on this Wednesday Morning at 10.30 am ……………………………..For all those who would like to come along for a bit of support most of the Anti Corruption are up Tuesday and Wednesday this week to split us all up in different counties … but it will not stop us …. Even if they put us in Prison…. We will still keep coming back , they will not stop us ……………………….I know most of you won’t be able to make it but those who can … please share to your friends , it would be much appreciated if you could come for the support ……….

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ACT – Anti Corruption Taskforce
is primarily an ACTION GROUP. Which means we take ACTION against those corrupt and untouchable individuals and state bodies in our society who deliberately and consciously destroy the lives of so many ordinary people through their wrongdoing, criminality and subsequent cover ups. Follow Us on Facebook. Twitter.
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