CrookedLawyers – John Gill on his controversial conversation with State Solicitor Seamus Hughes


CrookedLawyers – John Gill on his controversial conversation with Mayo State Solicitor Seamus Hughes, the new proposals to abolish the office of the Taxing Master, and the new global coalition Transparency International.

There is a growing fear among Solicitors and Barristers that the holiday period they have enjoyed over these many years is drawing to an end. A holiday period that was steeped in corruption, collusion, deception, perjury, and maintained by threat and intimidation.

This holiday period in case you are under any illusions is far from over; there are many thousands of individuals and families all over the 26 counties of Ireland today with the threat of large bills of costs and the fear of going to jail hanging over them.

You no longer need to read the report of the chairman of the Bar Council’s trip to Zimbabwe; just see the research that is ongoing by the Victims of Irish Solicitors for the past six years at Drumline, Newmarket-on-Fergus, Co. Clare.

While in Dublin on Thursday the 5th of January 2006, I picked up a message from the State Solicitor for Co. Mayo in Westport – at the time, I was just asked to contact Seamus Hughes. So I phoned the next day to discover that it was an office. I was told that Seamus Hughes would phone me back later. Seamus did phone back later, but I was still in Dublin meeting with victims of corrupt solicitors.

On my return to the office of the VLPS in Co. Clare, I was told to make contact with Seamus Hughes. I returned the call to 098 28422 at 9:50 a.m. on Monday morning, the 9th of January. When I introduced myself, Mr Hughes offered to phone me back, which he did.

Seamus Hughes seemed to be taking issue with some references to himself that appeared on the website and demanded to have them removed. He went on to talk about what he described as a Dutchman who he told me had a very nice wife. Mr Hughes went on to explain about a court case with what he described as 6/15ths of costs paid and 9/15ths due to his Office. This was in connection with the construction of a house. I asked Mr Hughes where this awful individual with the very nice wife lived and he told me that he lived in a village outside the town of Westport but did not give me the name of the village. [Read the article in the Sunday Business Post about Mr Hughes and the Dutchman, which contradicts what Mr Hughes said, -Ed.]

It would appear that Mr Hughes is going to hold me, John Gill, responsible for what he disagrees with on the website. However, I did not know anything about the problems of Mr Hughes and the gentleman from the village unknown, or indeed his very nice wife.

To get away from Mr Hughes’s problems for a moment, I felt it necessary to remind him that I also came from Mayo down near Ballycastle and that nine out of ten of my family emigrated from Mayo and brought back to this country hundreds of thousands of dollars from Australia, New Guinea, Canada and the United States, only to be robbed by the crooks and Mafia-like gangsters of the Irish legal profession. Citing just one firm of crooks, John Casey & Co of Bindon St., Ennis, Co. Clare, I also told Mr Hughes that we were in the process of organising protests throughout the country to name and shame the rogues/criminal element of solicitors and barristers.

Whether it was to impress, intimidate or threaten, I will never know, but Mr Seamus Hughes went on to impress upon me that he was a solicitor of thirty years standing, and the State solicitor for Mayo, and also was an elected TD for Mayo and Fianna Fail, and a friend of Tony Killeen [T.D. for Co. Clare, -Ed.] My answer to that mouthful was that I was a member also and that Fianna Fail was as corrupt as hell.

Mr Seamus Hughes did give me some relief when he told me that he had read my story on the website, and did admit that it was appalling. Mr Hughes was under the impression that the Law Society was adequately dealing with rogue solicitors. I told Mr Hughes of our members’ impression of Ken Murphy and the Law Society. I also reminded Mr Hughes of the veil of secrecy that was maintained in Ireland over the years by intimidation and threat to cover up the criminal conduct of the so called High Society, namely and mainly the Legal Profession and their fellow travellers, the Fianna Fail Party for the greater part. This, I told Mr Hughes, I was reminded of so many times in the city of Chicago. It is now four full days since I received the threat from Mr Hughes, and still no sign of his allegation in writing.

It is a fact that the corrupt conduct of solicitors and barristers has destroyed many Irish family homes and lives, with no small input from especially, but not entirely, Fianna Fail. Corruption in Ireland is a way of life for the solicitors and barristers of the 26 counties, maintained by a well-placed number of failed solicitors, elected around the country to the mainly Fianna Fail party. They are situated in the North East, sunny South East, misty South West, Mid West, West, and North West; some of whom we will deal with later.

Corruption is a deadly blight and blemish on any society, and the fact that it is tolerated and allowed to fester by an elected Democratic Government is just not acceptable.

It is now firmly established that the Irish legal profession, its solicitors and barristers, and the Political Party nominees to the judicial system for the greater part are corrupt. These are the findings of most of the Victims, who have been dragged through the Courts, battling against serious corruption, fraud, perjury, mass distortion of legal documents, forgery and distortion of Wills to deny the most vulnerable of people their inheritance and their human rights. It will now not surprise anyone if Seamus Hughes will one day be sitting on the bench in judgement of others.

We have copies of the Irish Independent and the Irish Times of the 11th of January 2006. The only solace that many of us can draw from the news about Judicial Reform is that the Office of the Taxing Masters is being abolished. We hope that this will come about sooner rather than later because we believe that this Office, and some people in particular within this Office are sickeningly corrupt (will expose later).

We, the victims of the greedy, grabbing element of the legal and judicial system in Ireland DEMAND that our Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform send out a clear message to this rogue and corrupt element to cease and desist their unlawful, perjurous and contemptuous efforts currently in the Courts all over the country to unlawfully steal from us our inheritance, farms, building sites, holiday homes and money from Clients’ accounts. They will, Minister, be named and shamed without fear, favour, affection or ill will, so help me God!

As assistant Chairman and P.R.O. of the Victims of the Legal Profession Society, I personally would like to thank the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform Micheal McDowell, T.D. for referring my file to the Garda Commissioner.

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