1. I am the first named defendant in the above proceeding and I make this affidavit from facts within my own knowledge save where otherwise appears and whereso appears I believe the same to be true and accurate.

2. I believe that there is no lawful basis for the proceedings by the plaintiffs.

3. I believe that in no way have the plaintiffs or anyone associated with them have been defamed in anyway or been subjected to anything that is claimed.

4. I believe that James Faughnan and Mary McMahon are supplying misleading material and lying to The High Court for sinister reasons to be explained.

5. I am active in exposing corruption in the legal system in Ireland and I believe James Faughnan is a front for many judges in these proceedings in an effort to stop my exposure of the same when it comes to the judiciary.

6. On the 8th June 2016 I was wrongfully arrested and wrongfully imprisoned by Judge Seamus Hughes in Athlone for contempt of court when not even in the courtroom. I was on a public footpath when arrested for contempt. I was released on the 10th June 2016 in the High Court by Justice Noonan, uncontested by the state. Judge Seamus Hughes is guilty of many acts of criminalities and corruption and abuse of power and I believe since the launch of my recent lawsuit against the state naming Seamus Hughes that he is working with James Faughnan in a scam to take my claim for damages of me. Seamus Hughes has also been named as having penalty points unlawfully removed and is guilty of extreme prejudices as a judge. Seamus Hughes is aware of my exposure of his crimes.

7. I also believe Judge Mary Devins who also is named as having penalty points wiped and guilty of serious misconduct as judge to be involved in the scam. I also believe Judge Kevin Kilraine to be involved who I am currently completing a file on. Judge Mary Devins colluded with Gardai in 2001/2002 in framing me on false charges. I have attempted to have Judge Mary Devins impeached but the request was ignored
by Government and Frances Fitzgerald. Judge Mary Devins and Judge Kevin Kilraine are both aware of my exposure of their corrupt behaviour and criminality.

8. All Judges I have no doubt are aware of my activities in exposing corruption within the Judiciary, Gardai and legal profession so I feel that James Faughnan has been pushed out front as cannon fodder in a sinister attempt to stop me as a warning to others not to mess with us The Almighty and Powerful and Unaccountable Elite.

9. I also have my doubts as to the impartiality of the High Court and what I believe to be fraudulent orders given to remove my rights as an Irish Sovereign Being.

10. It has also been stated recently that Chief Justice Denham that judiciary are out of control and are in serious need of been made accountable and are responsible for giving us a bad reputation abroad. James Faughnan is a serious contributor to this reputation.

11. It is becoming clearer by the day that politically appointed judges are not impartial and are in the pockets of their appointees. This I’ve not doubt is the case with James Faughnan who is a failed Fine Gael runner and was appointed a district court judge by his cronies.

12. James Faughnan as a judge is a public servant and is paid by the public. When he steps outside his job description members of the public like myself are entitled to make him publically accountable as there is no other means of accountability in existence in Ireland.

13. It was also a European directive that Ireland cleans up and reforms its legal system (the judiciary been the prime target). This directive was made many years ago and has been totally ignored by the “powers” that be.

14. James Faughnan is now guilty of turning on members of the public in a power mad frenzy of abuse of his position as a judge where he took an oath to protect the public rights. He has also changed his title on the paperwork issued to me in these proceedings from James Faughnan to Judge James Faughnan in a cowardly attempt to claim immunity from prosecution as a judge and also as an attempt to gain favour from colleagues in the judiciary.

15. James Faughnan drew first blood in all incidents pertaining to matters before this court and in the act of cowardice is now hiding behind his wife and children which to me is the sign of a guilty person.

16. The plaintiffs in this matter have conspired together to defame me and assassinate my good name.

17. The plaintiff’s claims are fantasy on what may happen in the future and are completely groundless and have no basis in a court of fact. The claims by the plaintiffs are a blatant attempt to mislead and misuse the courts for sinister financial reward and is nothing short of a fraudulent scam. God help us all if the courts can be used in such a way.

18. The plaintiffs but in particular James Faughnan is guilty of attempting to remove my constitutional rights which are inalienable and also my European rights as set down in the European Charter of Human Rights.

19. On the 13th September 2016 in Tuam Courthouse James Faughnan ordered that all members of the public in the body of the court of which I was one be searched by the Gardai. He also stated our phones be taken from us and be viewed by Gardai without reason or cause. I was threatened and assaulted by Gardai as a result of James Faughnans orders as were many members of the public who will be called as witnesses. It was a display of a power mad dictator who thought he was totally above the law and unaccountable.

20. On this day Pat McDonaghs hearing, James Faughnan also ran the court without D.A.R stating that he could and would even though fair procedure was requested.

21. On this day James Faughnan clearly sentenced an innocent man and stated to the court “let this be an example to anyone who dares to question a judge again anywhere”.

22. Months prior to this I witnessed James Faughnan order an assault on Brian McCullough by the Gardai while trying to defend his case in Loughrea. James Faughnan stated his court was going ahead even though High Court proceedings were taking place against him and Brian McCullough was assaulted on his orders and physically thrown out of court. Mr McCullough will give evidence in support.

23. There will be many witnesses called to testify to the prior events and indeed victims of James Faughnans corrupt court administration.

24. I will also invite all victims of James Faughnan to give testimony at these proceedings to prove that he is a liar and a coward who will do and say anything to protect and cover up his crimes.

25. The plaintiffs are also responsible for sending persons onto my father’s property in the dark of night for the purpose of intimidation and harassment causing a great deal of alarm to my father and partner Anne. The statement of Padraic Frain is complete lies (typical of a Garda) and there is no doubt in my mind coached by the plaintiffs. Padraic Frain of Collins Solicitors unlawfully entered private property at night to deliver James Faughnans paperwork.

26. On the 20/10/2016 when I last appeared at the High Court I observed at least 9 plain clothed armed Gardai in the courtroom of a civil case and counted a uniformed presence of more than a dozen outside the courtroom. From my entry into the fourcourts that day I was followed and Paul Gilligan been responsible for this and for abusing their positions to act like a mafia.

27. I would like to state that I am a law abiding sovereign being from the Republic Of Ireland who has the right to make James Faughnan accountable for his actions by any lawful means available to me.

28. I would also like to state that any fraudulent unlawful order given by the court will be ignored and I will exercise my inalienable rights.

29. As a responsible sovereign being it is not only my right but it is my duty to expose and rid Ireland of corruption in the interest of all in Ireland in that our Sovereign Republic is protected and not brought down under fraudulent legislation which in non applicable to sovereign beings.

30. James Faughnan also claims that people read his publically displayed car registration number plate in a public place on a public road. This statement would compare with that of a child ejecting his dummy from his pram. It also brings into question James Faughnans mental health.

31. James Faughnan also presents a picture of an articulated truck which is illegally parked outside a business premises in Carrick-on-Shannon which I believe him to be a director of as some sort of evidence for whatever I’m not sure of, but if it parked there under his instructions he should face many court summons’s, or is he above the law?

32. It is admitted by the plaintiffs that they were alerted to the present status by members of the Gardai who remain unnamed and by the use of at least 4 different mobile phones showing postings on Facebook. These postings are unproven and unverified and again collusion between the plaintiffs and Gardai is evident. Am I to assume that Gardai are the plaintiff’s personal assistants in a civil case which is no concern of theirs? Many more questions arise as to the abuse of power by James Faughnan.

33. I am also concerned as to the manipulation of the media by the courts in that newspaper reports appeared in the papers before they were even heard and I feel I am been railroaded not only by a corrupt district court judge but also by a corrupt high court.

34. I know from what I have witnessed personally that James Faughnan is a deluded fantasist who believes himself to be above the law and like many court judges is unaccountable. He feels he can hide by making false allegations and believes the Gardai are his own private army. Judges like James Faughnan, Mary Devins, Seamus Hughes, John Lindsay, Kevin Kilraine and many others must be impeached immediately.

35. It is a sad reflection when the documents presented to this court by the plaintiffs are entertained. It is sad because it is a direct attempt of a coward to hide behind a corrupt entity called “law” for the purpose of exploiting sovereign beings inalienable rights and for a direct attempt at fraudulently scamming and robbing another individual. It is a shocking indictment of a corrupt judicial system and Garda force.

36. The definition of Legal is the undoing of God’s word and it sounds loud in this rotten corrupt, fraudulent proceeding. I will not under any circumstance bow or obey to anything illegal or unlawful that comes from this court and will continue as Joe Doocey to expose all that is wrong in our Republic without fear and will be lawful in what I do. I will do what’s right and not what’s legal and will not allow any corrupt authoritative figure any haven or sanctuary for their crimes.

37. It is my belief that James Faughnan and the judiciary as well as a corrupt Gardai and legal representatives are responsible for the deterioration of our society and have much blood and suffering on their hands to which we the sovereign beings of the Republic of Ireland must bring them to account.

38. I believe our legislators to be equally corrupt and I make no apology for my exposure of corruption. I summarise by stating that this court has no right to take away my sovereign rights and must immediately strike out all proceedings brought by the plaintiffs and order an immediate apology to me and fully retract publically all allegations falsely made.

39. I would also like to state that I concur with the other affidavits entered by my co defendants in this case.

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT FROM ACT Anti Corruption Taskforce, regarding next Saturday’s (22nd October 2016) LAWFUL PEOPLES ASSEMBLY in Carrick On Shannon, County Leitrim.

Due to a High Court Injunction secured yesterday by James Faughnan (who is employed by the state as a District Court Judge) and his wife Mary McMahon against a number of supporters of ACT Anti Corruption Taskforce, the meeting and assembly point has been switched from outside Mary McMahon Opticians, Landmark Court to outside the nearby Landmark Hotel on the public footpath.

From there individuals who are concerned about judicial and legal corruption in our society, together with a large number of supporters of ACT Anti Corruption Taskforce will march through the town of Carrick On Shannon in a lawful and peaceful manner, hopefully unhindered by anyone wishing to silence free speech in our democracy.

Meeting time remains at 2pm.

Please share this change of meeting place.

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Kevin Maguire 12 The Oaks, Bridgemount Carrigaline Co Cork Evicts Fellow Citizens


My name is Kevin Maguire I live at 12 The Oaks, Bridgemount, Carrigaline,Co. Cork,P43 PY23.
12 The Oaks

I Evict my fellow citizens on Behalf of Criminal organisations.
I will brake and enter your home for my personal gain.

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LAWFUL PEOPLES ASSEMBLY in Carrick On Shannon 22nd October

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT FROM ACT Anti Corruption Taskforce, regarding next Saturday’s (22nd October 2016) LAWFUL PEOPLES ASSEMBLY in Carrick On Shannon, County Leitrim. Due to a High Court Injunction secured yesterday by James Faughnan (who is employed by the state as a District Court Judge) and his wife Mary McMahon against a number of supporters of ACT Anti Corruption Taskforce, the meeting and assembly point has been switched from outside Mary McMahon Opticians, Landmark Court to outside the nearby Landmark Hotel on the public footpath. From there individuals who are concerned about judicial and legal corruption in our society, together with a large number of supporters of ACT Anti Corruption Taskforce will march through the town of Carrick On Shannon in a lawful and peaceful manner, hopefully unhindered by anyone wishing to silence free speech in our democracy. Meeting time remains at 2pm. Please share this change of meeting place.

act-logoACT with HONOR We do not protest.

A REMINDER FROM ACT Anti Corruption Taskforce: ACT does NOT have members or membership. We do not issue membership application forms and we do not charge membership fees. Everyone involved with ACT i.e. those who attend our meetings and lawful assemblies are considered ‘SUPPORTERS’ of ACT in our ‘CAMPAIGN’ to end corruption. ACT does NOT have leaders. Everyone is equal and no hierarchy exists within ACT.

This goes back to the Ancient Celtic Laws where if anybody wronged you … you.. had a right to sit outside his or her house until the wrong was righted and then the family was shamed and the Clan was outraged in this case it will be the town where his neighbors live where he or she lives in ………They wont be pleased with the crimes they are guilty of … the shame of it ………

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Judge secures injunction stopping group picketing home


Judge secures injunction stopping group picketing home

‘Anti Corruption Taskforce’ leader threatens to do ‘whatever it takes to bring these people down’

A district judge and his wife have secured temporary injunctions preventing two members of a group calling itself the “Anti Corruption Taskforce” placing a picket on their home or the woman’s business.

District judge James Faughnan and his wife Mary McMahon sought the orders after the group posted on Facebook it was organising a protest outside the business premises of Ms McMahon, an optician, on Saturday October 22nd over what one of the group’s members said was a recent decision of Mr Faughnan to jail a man for a public order offence.

The injunctions were granted against Joe Doocey, Knocksbarrett, Ballina, Co Mayo, and Colm Granahan, Castlereagh, Killala, Co Mayo, and restrain both men, and any others with knowledge of the order, from interfering with the couple, their children or employees.

Mr Faughnan was appointed to the bench in 2013, having practised as a solicitor in Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim, and was designated to the Roscommon/East Galway District Court area last July.

In an affidavit, he said, while sitting in Tuam District Court on September 13th, one of the sentencing matters caused certain parties in court to become somewhat irritated. On leaving the courthouse, he noticed a gathering of people videoing his car registration but paid no heed.

Subsequently, gardaí advised him of a Youtube video “Rogue judge sends innocent man to jail” in which Mr Doocey referred to the public order case in which a man was jailed for three months and alleged all district judges were Nazis.

Mr Doocey had said “remember what happened to Hitler” and that the Anti Corruption Taskforce would be “outside Jimmy Faughnan’s house or his wife’s business, whatever it takes to bring these people down . . .”.

Mr Doocey also claims in the video he has been harassed by gardaí over seven years and refers to ”a war crime committed by a judge who is supposed to protect the people”.

‘Peaceful assembly’

A statement published by Mr Doocey on the internet for another group, “Integrity Ireland”, again warns the judge, referring to him as “Jimmy boy”, the group will be outside his home, his wife’s business and their children’s school for “peaceful assembly and dissemination of factual information on your corrupt practices”.

The couple have four children, all under 10.

In the Facebook posting, people are invited to join the October 22nd protest outside Ms McMahon’s business in Carrick-on-Shannon. It says the protest would also visit the family home and, if time allowed, also go to the home of another district judge, Kevin Kilrane.

The group also posted a video of another protest it held outside the home of another district judge, Seamus Hughes, at which Mr Doocey is seen with a loudspeaker saying ”it’s time we took the law into our own hands.”

Mr Faughnan said he believed the statements were incendiary and not made for any lawful purpose but to intimidate and frighten himself, his wife, their children and his wife’s employees. The statements also increased his apprehension of injury to himself, his family and his wife’s employees and customers as well as to his reputation as a member of the judiciary.

In an affidavit, Ms McMahon says she was gravely distressed and worried about how such actions may impact on the general wellbeing of her children, employees, customers and how they may affect her personally and her business reputation.

Mr Justice Paul Gilligan in the High Court granted Conor Bowman SC, for the couple, the injunctions and returned the matter to next week. Further reliefs requiring the internet material be taken down with no further publication will be dealt with later.

end of


JUDGE JAMES FAUGHNAN – CORRUPT DISTRICT COURT JUDGE: This corrupt Fine Gael member, who was appointed to be a Judge by disgraced and sacked ex Justice Minister Alan Shatter in 2013, is a co-director of his wife’s business in Carrick On Shannon by the name of’ ‘Mary McMahon Opticians’.

ACT Anti Corruption Taskforce will assemble outside these business premises at 2pm on Saturday 22nd October 2016 to inform the people of Carrick On Shannon just exaclty what kind of person their local pillar of the community really is like.

This is the North West of Ireland folks. The one small area of the planet which gave birth to the word ‘BOYCOTT’. This word entered the English dictionary because in 1880, news travelled across the entire British Empire that a retired British Army Officer turned land agent by the name of Captain Charles Boycott, had the whole community in Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo turn against him and his family because of his ruthless treatment of local small tenant farmers. Boycott was shunned by the local community and neither he or his family could get served in any of the shops in the area or indeed further afield when news of his ruthlessness travelled across the whole North West of Ireland.

ACT Anti Corruption Taskforce intend to help repeat Irish history on Saturday 22nd October by asking the good people of the North West of Ireland to BOYCOTT the business called ‘Mary McMahon Opticians’ due to the fact that a corrupt judge, James Faughnan is a director.

On 13th September last, in Tuam District Court, Judge James Faughnan acted illegally, corruptly and unconstitutionally. He jailed Pat McDonagh for 3 months on a previous public order charge when in reality it was Mr. McDonagh who had been assaulted by Gardai inside the court room for merely asking a question of a different presiding judge at the time. On that date on 13th September, Judge Faughnan ordered the Gardai to search Pat McDonagh’s supporters for mobile phones and not to let them out of the courtroom without being searched.

This is the reality of our justice system today, where Judges, Lawyers and Gardai are a law on to themselves and the rest of us minions must humbly take our punishment, whether we are guilty or not.

ACT Anti Corruption Taskforce has now called for an END to this and we intend fighting this state criminality to the bitter end without fear or favour and without ANY respect or consideration for the corrupt elites who are destroying the spirit of our nation and our people.

So please join with us at 2pm on Saturday 22nd October 2016 outisde the premises of Mary McMahon Opticians, Landmark Court, Carrick On Shannon, County Leitrim and together let us put an end to Judicial corruption and criminality.

The following are departure times: Dublin Connolly 11.05am; Maynooth 11.35am; Kilcock 11.40am; Enfield 11.50am; Mullingar 12.15pm; Edgeworthstown 12.35pm; Longford 12.45pm; Dromod 1.00pm. Arrive Carrick On Shannon 1.15pm.

The following are departure times: Sligo 1.00pm; Collooney 1.09pm; Ballymoate 1.18pm; Boyle 1.33pm. Arrive Carrick On Shannon at 1.45pm.

The Sligo/Dublin train service is a very regular service but please check with your local train station or Irish Rail HQ to verify timetables.


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No Amount of Bars will STOP Anna Harvey


On September 14th , …….. this Wednesday I will be up again in Blanchardstown Court for asking Paul Oates why was he breaking the law I was sent to prison for 3 weeks ! because I would not sign the bond as I had done nothing wrong but the Judge sent me to prison through blackmail I was wrongfully arrested and falsely imprisoned and I got out by lay litigation they were supposed to fight with common law and there was no such thing so I had to sack them and get someone who said they would fight against the Judges we will see …..The case is up on this Wednesday Morning at 10.30 am ……………………………..For all those who would like to come along for a bit of support most of the Anti Corruption are up Tuesday and Wednesday this week to split us all up in different counties … but it will not stop us …. Even if they put us in Prison…. We will still keep coming back , they will not stop us ……………………….I know most of you won’t be able to make it but those who can … please share to your friends , it would be much appreciated if you could come for the support ……….

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Mickey Mc Donald’s Story – Refused to take Prison Abilify Drug


This is Mickey Mc Donald’s Story
The Anti corruption Task Force

These all below …..The police, The Judges, the Politicians and the doctors are all involved in putting Mickey in prison four times for 1 year sentences each to cover up corruption and then tried to lock him away in a Mental institution saying he is mad for saying the police are trying to kill him and that they are as corrupt as hell , that is 4 years total for standing up for his rights he was sectioned for going on a pre-stated hunger strike for one week, to which he was incarcerated to a mental institution for 14 weeks! Mickey has the Psychiatric Papers for evidence, Three different Mickey Mc Donald.s were in his psychiatric report! so he was being treated as different people and different addresses and Dates of birth on the records were in his file when the Solicitor sent it to him Kieran Mulholland , the HSE realized the blunder when they contacted him to voluntarily to hand these documents in or he will be Jailed ! , so they can destroy them to cover up their crime. He is now getting threatening letters that they are bringing him to court and jail him again if he hasn’t handed them back asap.

The reason he stated he was going on hunger strike was to highlight his case to get justice. In which they tried to kill him through Abilify , a drug that causes sudden unexplained death over prolonged use , he refused to take it after he was told by inmates what it does , he was starting to get the side effects then refused to take any more. Just as well as he would have been dead by now and they would be laughing from sheer relief that he couldn’t expose their corruption and the cover up of their attempted Murder, and silencing of Mickey Mc Donald from getting the list of Corruption that they were guilty of out to the public domain.. But Mickey Mc Donald would not give up . and thank god he didn’t he persevered until the day he could meet people that were working for the same cause, to stop Corruption on a massive scale and to fight for HONOR AND JUSTICE and to have it re-instated once and for all and put an end to greed and corruption in our country so our children can grow up with freedom liberty and respect and to want HONOR ABOVE ALL THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On 01-10-2009 Micky Mac Donald could see no other way out of a desperate situation he was laid off as a brick layer. due to heart problems After a year on the dole it was dropped from £94-00 to £40-00 He found it so hard to survive on this paltry amount sitting in the dark with his electric cut off and no food he liked a smoke and after not being able to go back to work, he was forced on to the dole so he rebelled and went down to see the manager of the dole office. After speaking to the supervisor He became very agitated, He said “FUCK” and she was furious , He said what you never heard the word “FUCK” before, anger ripped through me he said at the hopelessness of the situation it was mental torture ….. what did they want him to do eat …. grass!………..and he grabbed the monitor off the table and ran at the window with it. There were people sitting under the window I had thought it would have went out the window I had wanted to throw it out of it so I went to find something else to throw out the window and he picked up a three person steel chair and threw it at the window and it bounced off the un-Breakable glass too. he was boiling with anger at their arrogance towards him he picked the same chair up then threw the chair through the double doors.

I knew then I had got the attention of the police he and they had to be on their way he recalled I was only doing what I was doing to get arrested. All I wanted was a few weeks of regular food I was so hungry all the time just trying to manage bills there was nothing left for food also a hot shower which I missed so much, a bit of heating, T.V and a cup of coffee when I wanted it, the small things we take for granted. It was the only alternative for me to do this, It is a sad situation to be in other people committed suicide as a way out of it, but that was not for me. The government has a lot to answer for to force people into these situations with no way out only Prison or Suicide.

Micky said “The Police had arrived at the dole office , and I was not prepared for what happened next, He had walked into the hall waiting for them not knowing that was the area designated for take down’s and there was no camera facing that direction it was pointing away towards the Main Gate with a 12 foot blind spot deliberately for arrests.

One cop approached him knowing this that is why he approached with a big grin on his face and immediately stuck his steel toe cap into Mickey and he continuiously till he got him to the ground, winding him and they wrestled him to the floor he couldn’t breathe, He wan’t able to tell them he had 7 stints in his heart. Kenny O’ Hare the thug in question, Constable, No 22232 stationed in LURGAN Co Armagh was the thug who done this..

3 security guards from the dole office surrounded Micky on the ground so the Public could not see what was happening next . Kenny O’ Hare booted him forcefully into the face leaving leaving him seriously injured and bruised . Micky put his hands over his face to stop the next boot to the face and it took the skin off his fingers to the bone, He was kicked repeatedly all down one side of his body and Micky could do nothing only try to protect his head from the onslaught of the boots from this savage Kenny O’Hare leaving his body open to the repeated kicks to his body,. While I had my arms over my head I looked under my arm and I saw the other cop with him appearing to kick me but not actually making any contact to my body,just going through the motions of it. Then O’Hare jumped on his back with his knee into the middle of his back causing one of the stints to move resulting in shortness of breath! His injuries are clearly seen in the colour photos

Then O’Hare had handcuffed Mickey while he was on the ground, , he then kicked him as hard as he could into his stomach and then dragged Micky up, then shoved him into the back of the Police car and headed for the police station, So while he was in the police station Mickey said he could’t breathe So O’Hare and The Other Cop Robert brought him to the hospital. He said he couldn’t breathe as his hands were restricted behind his back and he couldn’t expand his lungs is was restricting his breathing and he asked O’Hare to open the window to put his head out so he can get a breath…… when O’Hare had kneed him in the back causing the stint to move was now causing him pain in his chest.

O’Hare said if I stop this car i’ll stop your fucking breathing permanently and the other cop that was alright he was ok , he looked at him and said to O’Hare anxiously take him straight to the hospital which O’Hare shut up and had a worried look for once on his face and went straight to the hospital with Mickey.
In the Hospital they took Xrays and notes, when they asked what happened he told them and O’Hare legged it out of the hospital leaving the other cop with Mickey. The Stint moved but miraculously not in a dangerous way. It was a miracle Mickey did not die from the vicious assault from O’ Hare.
O’ Hare had Mickey charged with assault on the Cops! It was heard in a closed court with no other public members present or other cases being dealth with on the 22-10-2009 @10-15 am.

A solicitor by the name of Tracy Overling was dealing with his case, she went into the judges chambers before the court started and came out and said she can get the assault charges dropped as he had the photographic evidence saying he didn’t assault them,  but he had to face criminal damages and charges and O Hare get’s off scott free with attempted murder,? He said he didn’t want the assault charges dropped he wanted the whole case contested. so he had no alternative to sack her and represent him self in the court when it commenced.

Mickey got up on the dock and stated clearly and concisely that it is not HE will be, he stated I AM charging KENNY O’ HARE with first degree multiple ATTEMPTED MURDER to which the judge replied ARE YE NOW he said he is giving Mickey 8 MTHS in Maghaberry prison without giving him a second to explain his case of what happened and what O’Hare did to him. to this Mickey said you must be pulling me leg , are ye having a laugh and Mickey laughed at the judge and told the judge he was nuts….and two screws grabed him, one on each side of his arms and hauled him out of the dock and took him away down to the cells and told Mickey you cant talk to the judge like that!

The Solicitor Tracy Overling came down and said if Mickey re-instates her that she can get him bail and she also told him that the judge had given him an extra 4 mths on top of the 8 mths for laughing at him.
In Maghaberry Prison Micky was annoyed of the unfairness of it all it was one thing being forced into starvation putting him in a terrible situation by the BHS but to be nearly murdered into the bargain and set up by the judge and the cops as well was all he could bare so he went on hungerstrike.

HE ASKED TO SPEAK TO THE GOVERNOR but he wasn’t allowed to speak to him and after 4 days on hunger strike he was brought to an adjudication with them, but he was still not able to talk to the governor, he was just brought straight to be incarcerated to the Prison Hospital and then sectioned to a mental institution for 14 weeks.

The reason he stated he was going on hunger strike was to highlight his case to get justice. In which they tried to kill him through Abilify , a drug that causes sudden unexplained death over prolonged use, a drug which is banned in America , he refused to take it after he was told by inmates what it does , he was starting to get the side effects then refused to take any more. Just as well as he would have been dead by now and they would be laughing from sheer relief that he couldn’t expose their corruption and the cover up of their attempted Murder, and silencing of Mickey Mc Donald from getting the list of Corruption that they were guilty of out to the public domain..

When Mickey was in the Prison in the hospital wing after 4 days because he was on hunger strike when he complained about the amount of bread you were allowed to have, which was 2 slices only. when Mickey had finished the hunger strike he complained about only being allowed 2 slices…It was the Nurses and doctors were drugging the Prisoner Patients and taking their dinners and tobacco …. and not been allowed to have any tobacco that was allocated to each patient by the Governor for those who had none and no visitors to leave them money to buy it. Mickey was then sectioned and taken from the Prison and put into a mental institution to Saint Lukes for complaining about this by Dr Pat Mc Mahon as he was brought in to have Mickey assessed and agreed he needed to be incarcerated to the Mental Hospital.

When he was in St Lukes he was encouraged by Pat Mc Mahon to submit to voluntary Brain scans and Electric Shock Treatment to which Mickey refused. When he refused this sort of treatment Pat Mc Mahon accused him firstly of having abused a female member of staff to which Mickey had laughed at him.
He then accused Mickey of having abused a number of female members of staff , 8 nurses to be exact. Mickey told them to put it in writing the names of these females and their accusations.

He was not allowed out in the fresh air and any form of exercise for two mths violating human rights conditions they had to erect a £30.000 8 ft fence which Mickey could have jumped in seconds with security cameras. The idea of this was to entice Mickey to try make a break for it and he would have kneedle’d him and took him out. he would have been able to take him out successfully saying he put up a fight and his heart failed, then he would not be able to get his story out to the public exposing them for what they were doing…

Pat Mc Mahon then forgot to have Mickey held for any of the alleged abuse of the female staff members and tried to have him shifted to a mental institution in the Shannon!. He had brought in his golfing buddy Adrien East a Forensic Psychiatrist as a second opinion, Dr Adrien East told Mickey that in his opinion he would be recommending that he would go to the shannon where he would take the medication whether you fuckin wanted to or not he told Mickey….

He was assessed by a social worker and a nurse from the Shannon Mental institution and despite two top psychiatrist recommendations that he was refused entry to Shannon as they couldn’t find anything Clinically mentally wrong with him.
For 14 weeks in High Security in St Luke’s with No medication Pat Mc Mahon had to let him go so Mickey was sent back to Maghaberry Prison on the 24th of December and was released on the 13th of January.

If they had krept him in St Luke’s it would have been in-definate , they review you every 6 mths , saying …. No …..your not ready yet … has happened to many cases in there. this is why they sectioned him so that they would be able to hold him indefinately.

On release any accountability for my detention has still been left unanswered he stated…
The B.M.A = The British Medical Association…. R.Q.I.A= Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority: and all the health Ministers involved who are …..
Edwin Poot’s, Jim Wells, and Simon Hamilton
Abilify (aripiprazole) is a psychotropic drug (antipsychotic) that alters brain chemical activity used to treat schizophrenia, mania, depression, bipolar disorders, autistic disorder, and some irritable behavior disorders. Generic Abilify is not available in the U.S., but is available in other countries under the name aripiprazole. Common side effects of Abilify include ………………… ………

What is the most important information I should know about aripiprazole (Abilify)?
Aripiprazole is not for use in psychotic conditions that are related to dementia or pneumonia basically any one with lung or breathing problems Aripiprazole ABILIFY may cause HEART FAILURE! AND SUDDEN DEATH ………..and you gave this toxic medication to a man who has…… 7 stints in his heart!

…………….Dr Pat Mc Mahon… Please do not feign indignation , cut the crap, you knew well as you had contacted his doctor James Gormley Old School House, Antrim Road Lurgan to see what medication he was on if any. As his doctor has confirmed that the doctors in St lukes had contacted him and Mickey also discussed his annoyance to his doctor about St Luke’s to which he dismissed or never looked into it. So to me and anyone reading this appears to all that this is a case of attempted murder on Mickey Mc Donald and cover up by the Doctors. Politicans Judges and the PSNI , the Policing Board over seen by Dolores Kelly of S.D.L.P, ….The Police Ombudsman, AND OTHERS THAT WERE INVOLVED AS ALL ….WILL….. BE REVEALED SOON.

Also they were giving him other medication for another Micky Mc Donald from Warren Point he has the papers to prove it. Supplied by Solicitor Ciaran Mulholland. They sent him out his file.

Micky was assessed and given the Abilify on this mans report and treating him as if he was this man.There are a tremendous lot of side effects from Abilify and Micky Mc Donald was given them. They told Micky if he didn’t take it they would give it to him in an injection so he was forced to take it.

Kenny O’Hare 08:00Wednesday 16 December 2015
Kenny O’ Hare was up for perjury…/charged-with-giving-false-det…
Kenneth O’Hare, c/o Lurgan PSNI, appeared at a preliminary enquiry last Wednesday at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

A man with an address given as Lurgan police station has been charged with trying to pervert the court of justice. He is nothing but a bare face liar, his evidence can not be relied upon on the stand and this proves it!

The charge against him alleges that on December 31, 2013, with intent to pervert the course of justice he made a witness statement that contained false details to the alleged commission of an offence of disorderly behavior by a male.
It also alleges that he made false details to his attendance and actions at the home of the male person.

O’Hare was remanded on his own bail of £750 to appear for arraignment at Craigavon Crown Court on January 12 next year

Photo 1…..Edwin Poots says God Built Saint Lukes to permanently silence people me Lair’d
Photo 2…Jim Wells Former Health Minister says

photo 3. The Present health Minister Simon Hamilton says….

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